Store to Store

Our store-to-store service is a fast and efficient solution to reduce inventory differences between stores.

Leveraging our innovative logistics model and real-time delivery tracking, we facilitate the rapid transfer of products from one store to another, typically in less than 30 minutes, to resolve stock shortages.

This service is crucial to maintaining optimal inventory levels, reducing lost sales and improving customer satisfaction.

Our startup stands as a key partner for retailers, allowing them to optimize the distribution of their stock, minimize waste and, ultimately, provide a hassle-free shopping experience for end customers. Our innovative delivery model ensures that no store runs out of stock, thereby improving store performance and end-customer loyalty.

Use Case: Store to Store


The consumer needs a product that is not available in store


The shop assistant checks the availability of the items in another store


The shop assistant prepares the order and send the request to Wora


Wora picks up the order. The recipient can track the order in real time


Wora delivers the parcel to the other store within 20 minutes