Same day deliveries in your city

Wora offers same day delivery services by appointment, dedicated to retailers and e-commerces.

Place an order

Place orders in the Shop Portal or automatically via API or plugin integration


Our delivery partners will pick up the order according to the pickup and delivery information


The recipient will be informed in real time via WhatsApp on the progress of the order and will be able to change the time and delivery address

Delivery of the order

The package will be delivered to the final customer by appointment

About us

Our mission is to revolutionize the home delivery experience through technological innovation, putting consumers’ needs at the center.

Our delivery partners guarantee the highest quality and courtesy. They deliver using low environmental impact electric vehicles.

Wora is integrated with the main e-commerce platforms via API or plugin.

For in-store purchases or through alternative channels (e.g., Instagram, WhatsApp, phone), we provide retailers with our App to easily send their requests.

Our services

Wora offers a wide range of services that meet all the customers’ needs.

The order will be delivered on the same day by appointment.
The order will be delivered in the time slot requested by the customer.
The order will be delivered within 90 minutes.
50 +


100000 +




4 .9 /5


Our main features

At Wora, we want to give you complete control over your orders. Our innovative services are designed to revolutionize the way you manage your deliveries, ensuring an efficient process from start to finish. With our omnichannel model, we provide full support to retailers, offering easy options for product pickup in-store or at the warehouse.

One of our key features is the ability to schedule delivery appointments. Our user-friendly interface allows end customers to select their preferred delivery time, providing them with the flexibility and convenience they deserve. Say goodbye to rigid delivery schedules and embrace a personalized and tailored experience.

Omnichannel Model

A service designed to support omnichannel retailers with the possibility of automatic order input, through direct integration or via booking form, and product pickup in store or warehouse.

Delivery appointments

Wora’s user-friendly interface allows your customers to choose their preferred delivery time.

Real-time tracking

Both you and your customers will be able to monitor the exact location of the package at any time.

Retailer's shopping bag

Goodbye to packages! For a better delivery experience.



Frequently Asked Questions

If our IT systems have been integrated, the process will occur simultaneously. If not, simply complete the form available in the Shop Portal with pick-up and delivery details, as well as the desired delivery time slot.

Absolutely. The Shop Portal enables you to track orders and monitor the status of each one.

During the delivery process recipients received three notifications via WhatsApp:

  • a first notification to inform them of the delivery slot and give them the opportunity to change that or other delivery details;
  • a second notification providing a tracking link with the driver’s location in real time;
  • a final notification with delivery confirmation and the option to rate the service.

Furtermore, Wora’s Customer Service is always available via WhatsApp.

Yes, indeed. When the first notification is sent via WhatsApp, the customer can change the time slot or the delivery address or add other delivery information.


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